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Refuge (2010)


Pull (2009)

Let's (2009)

You're Only What I See Sometimes (2008)

Each Other (2007)

Where We Live (2007)

Removal (2006)

My Friend's House (2006)


DECLARATIONS (2009 - 2010)


Rehearsing Modern Dance (2006)

In the Bathroom (2006)

Cuba, Christmas 2001 (2005)

Under (2005)

The question I don't want to answer (2005)

The Smoke Parade (2005)

Our Friend Peter (2005)

December 28th, 2002 (2005)


Vienna Line (2010)

The World is Unfolding; Unfold Too (2010)

Joy in Electric Light (2010)

Three Ideas About the City (2006)

Film by the Sea (2005)

When I Was 18 (2005)

wsh: a film about the wind (2005)


The Funky Seomra (2010)

IMDT's "Rhythmic Spaces" (2009)

IMDT's "Fall & Recover" (2008)

IMDT's "Next to Skin" (2008)

Irish Modern Dance Theatre promo (2007)

Sara Rudner's "This Dancing Life" (2007)

IMDT's "Close Ups" (2006)

How to Make a Fresh Film


From 1999-2004, Dog Day Films was a collective of likeminded juvenile teenagers whose surreal and perverse films won acclaim four years in a row at the Fresh Film Festival, as well as at the Galway Film Fleadh and (for a few brief minutes on a very lousy show) on the Irish national broadcaster, RTÉ. The Dog Day Films creators have now gone their separate ways. For a vivid account of their rise and fall, click here.


They are (left to right): Ben Haugh (RIP, 1985-2003), Jonathan "Curry" Carly, Danny McMahon, Conor "Wiggy Fortune" O'Reilly, Barry Oglesby, Peter Bregazzi, and (not pictured) Donal Foreman.

Their films were:


The Fresh Film (2004)

The Unmentionable (2003)

The Son of God (2002)

Dead Man Boogie (2001)

Vagina Williams (2000)

The Apple Thief (2000)

Shmerrgh & Bob (1999)


And they now live here.

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