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fiction, 16mm, 9mins, 2008

written and directed by Donal Foreman

starring Hannah McDonnell and Elijah Egan

produced by Ruairi McKenna

director of photography Piers McGrail

A girl travels home the morning after a one night stand, reflecting on her experience. A sensual and subjective film about the traces an intimate encounter leaves in our memory.


"The most ambitious short was written and directed by Donal Foreman. You're Only What I See Sometimes is a film about a one-night stand very much inspired by the fleeting impression ism of love and memory in the work of Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar-Wai. This was ambitious, confident stuff, told with visual aplomb. Foreman's film contained the cinematic moment of the night: a burst of spontaneous bedroom dancing from Hannah McDonnell that reminded me of Godard's freewheeling cinema. Anna Karina couldn't have done better herself. "

---Paul Lynch, "Dún Laoghaire students show what they are made of", The Sunday Tribune, June 15 2008.



  • Shebeen Flick, October 26th 2010
  • Kilmainham Arts Festival, Dublin, September 4th 2010
  • Beijing International Movie Festival preview, the Odessa Club, Dublin, May 12th 2010
  • VisionFest 09, Directors Guild of America Theatre, Los Angeles, August 20th 2009
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