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The Cry of Granuaile won two prizes in the
International Competition of BAFICI in Buenos Aires!
Best Performance (to Judith Roddy)
and Original Music (to Nick Roth & Olesya Zdorovetska).



"With three features to his credit ... Donal Foreman is establishing himself as one of Ireland’s most imaginative cinematic talents. ... The Cry of Granuaile is an entirely unique addition to the burgeoning Grace canon."
(Tara Brady, The Irish Times)

"Sailing into town on a wave of rave reviews, The Cry Of Granuaile is just the type of offering film lovers worry aren’t been made anymore.
That Ireland should be producing films such as this and the superlative The Quiet Girl reiterates Martin Scorsese’s Marvel-mauling belief that bigger is rarely better."
(Paul Byrne, Greystones Guide)

"There's no real Ireland. It can only be imagined, over and over. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, or sense. Amen."
(Ruairí McCann, Mubi Notebook)

Film Ireland

Filmmakers Network Podcast

Irish Film London

"Captivating and haunting"
(Laura Cannon, Film Ireland)

"The director follows up his innovative drama Out of Here and his powerful documentary The Image You Missed with an intellectually knotty piece entitled The Cry of Granuaile...
Foreman ingeniously works left-field techniques in with more conventional drama as he takes us towards an encounter with sometimes puzzled locals in Granuaile’s native Mayo."

(Donald Clarke, The Irish Times)

“A witty, personal, and sometimes meta subversion of the ‘American in Ireland’ story.”
(William Fitzgerald, Galway Film Fleadh)

"Hypnotic... [Foreman's] expressive skill in the script and the camerawork illuminates the interiority of each and relates it not only to the figure of O'Malley, but to present-day debates ... Foreman ... presents in The Cry of Granuaile much of what is needed to make cinema: empathy, historical perspective, depth of feeling and interpretation; as well as a dark visual sense typical of cloudy Irish days."
(Pedro Fernández Mouján and Agustín Argento, Télam)

"Foreman displays a wild freedom of expression ... The Cry of Granuaile revels in a halo of mystery...that flaunts its (healthy) freedom and, like all stories open to both thematic and formal experimentation, takes the risk of falling apart. In its collage of moments, perhaps the best emerges: that which is felt and not said."
(Guillermo Colantonio, Cineramaplus)

"A truly unclassifiable film whose shooting in 16mm...once again demonstrates the poetic superiority of the analog image ... Like a folk horror story but without elements of terror, although it is full of mysteries (the mist, the legends of women suddenly transformed into stones, the genes of Granuaile running through the bodies of the inhabitants of County Mayo), the course of Maire and Cáit intertwines the pains of the past with the personal traumas of the present..."
(Diego Brodersen, Pagina 12)

"Its radical narrative shifts are ripe for interpretation. It offers a multi-layered puzzle that could repel viewers or captivate them, precisely because of its "confusion" of emotional and historical demands. ... Dale Dickey & Judith Roddy put their talents at the disposal of the two main characters, whom they endow with sensitivity and common sense. ... Demanding as well as poetic, The Cry of Granuaile will not go unnoticed by admirers or detractors... Dónal Foreman likes to walk winding roads, which is to be applauded and respected."
(Daniel Gagine, El Caleidoscopio de Lucy)

"The result of this audacious bet ... is fascinating and intoxicating in its evocation of a past that even today, five centuries later, continues to mark new Irish generations."
(Diego Batlle, Ostrocine)

"The Cry of Granuaile proposes a classic overlapping of reality and fiction, in an environment of hallucination and creative possession. A bit like the Herzog of the '70s with Kinski, or the experiments of Peter Watkins in the UK."
(Sergio Monsalve, Perro Blanco)

"The Cry of Granuaile ... will certainly part the waters."
(Matias Frega, Cine Argentino Hoy)

Dublin Film Festival:
History, Memory and The Cry of Granuaile

The Cry of Granuaile will have its world premiere at
the Dublin International Film Festival
(Screen Daily)

"50 FILMS TO SEE IN 2022"
(The Irish Times)


CONTACT: donalforeman @ gmail . com